GRP - Fibreglass Flat Roof 20 Year Guarantee

Flat roofs in the UK can be a real pain once a leak has started, a defected flat roof can store water and moisture between its layers of felt actually causing timber rot and damage with-out you even knowing. What household owners actually don't know is that once the seal on a felt flat roof is broken it is virtually beyond repair, due to moisture able to gather between the layers of felt and timber decking. GRP fibreglass is a modern technology method for flat and pitched roofs, it is also used for roof valleys and industrial roofs.


Our team of skilled engineers can install a GRP flat roof system by removing all of the existing felt flat roof and roof decking. Ensuring roof structure has no rot and a sound strucuture, we install a new OSB sterling board decking. Once all the timber work has been done, we apply specific edging trims and then install the new GRP roof system. The GRP system is the best flat roof system available for flat roofs, it out performs felt and rubber bond flat roofs by far. It comes with a 20 year guarantee and proven to last over 40 years. It does not crack, has no seams, has no chippings or stones. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit household and surroundings.



The Process....


The first stage is to remove all rotten, damaged wood and decking, then replace with new treated OSB Sterling decking. Once the new decking has been installed, edging trims are installed to divert the water flow into the gutter and also to create a square attractive appearance.


The second stage is to apply the fibre mat to the OSB Sterling board decking with bonding resin . The resin reacts with the Fibre strand mat, melting into one another forming fibreglass. Once the GRP flat roof has been created, then goes on the topcoat, this is the finishing touch to the roof ensuring a complete seal to the roof. The topcoat is available in a variety of colours to suit the colour, tradition of the household or building.


Below is a basic setup of the GRP fibreglass flat roof system.



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