Bitumen Felt Flat Roof System 10 Year Guarantee

Flat roofs in the UK can be a real pain once a leak has started, a defected flat roof can store water and moisture between its layers of felt actually causing timber rot and damage without you even knowing. What household owners actually don't know is that once the seal on a felt flat roof is broken it is virtually beyond repair, due to moisture able to gather between the layers of felt and timber decking. Minor repairs on felt flat roofs can be repaired if caught early and carried out professionally.


Our team of skilled engineers can install a new high performance felt flat roof, made up of 3 layers of high performance felt, bonded together with hot tar bitumen. This method is the original of the felt flat roof systems, and by far the best.



The Process...

The first stage is to remove all rotten, damaged wood and decking, then replace with new treated timber and treated timber ply decking. The first priority in applying a new flat roof is to make sure the roof decking is tightly secure and absolute no movement to prevent movement in swelling timber cracking the felt.


Once the new decking has been laid we begin constructing the felt flat roof by laying rolls of felt bonded with hot tar bitumen to form a weather tight seal. This is done 3 times alternative ways to insure maximum protection from years of our British weather.


After we have laid the felt then comes the finishing touches, first we apply the mineral edgings to protect and seal the edges of the flat roof and also to create a drip that allows the flow of water into the gutter. Then we apply white limestone chippings bonded with cold tar gritting solution. The limestone chippings reflecting the sunlight and heat away from the flat roof stopping the intense heat cracking and melting the felt.



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